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Dear Fabiane,We are slowly settling in at our new house. We want to thank you for your help in the entire purchasing process.

We still talk about the day we first walked into the house and met you when you were holding the open house. We cannot believe we are now living in the house – our dream house. We feel grateful that you represented us and so effectively conveyed our feelings to the seller. We know many others expressed strong interest in the house and there must have been stiff competition. But you prevailed above all in representing our interest. You convincingly showed the sellers that we were the perfect people for this perfect house.

We have interacted with other real estate agents before, and we can say you really stand out because of your can-do attitude, caring nature and professionalism.

You always made yourself available – whether we had questions about the closing, setting up appointments with various officers, or getting contact information.  What we especially appreciate is that you really took the burden off our shoulders and took it upon yourself to make the process smooth and pleasant for us. Clearly you care deeply about your clients as people and want to help them.

As we sit on the outdoor deck surrounded by maples and watch the sunset over the mountains, we always remember you as the one who made it possible for us to get our dream house. We wish you all success.  Thank You!


Fabiane Maluchnik

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